Procedure for Authorization Renewal

Ed Tech Certification Renewal Process & Procedure:


The MSAD 6 Ed Tech Certification Representatives


Rodney Bennett (BCES) :  [email protected]

Rodney serves BCES, GEJ, Hollis, SF and HBE


Ruth Warren (EDL): [email protected]

Ruth serves EDL, BEMS and BEHS


Certification Renewal

As currently established by state law, Ed techs must complete a total of 45 contact hours of renewal activities before applying to renew a certificate.  This may be accomplished in any one or combination of the following:

1. Complete one standard college course for three credits. (equals 45 contact hours)

2. Participate in a course or professional development that awards Continuing Education Credits (CEU’s).  1.5 CEU’s is equal to 15 contact hours.  So 4.5 CEU’s equals 45 contact hours.

3.  Participate in training and other professional development activities that grant contact hours certificates.  The certificate must indicate the number of hours earned. An approved list of activities is available Here

Maintaining Contact Hour Records

It will be the responsibility of each Ed Tech to establish and maintain an individual portfolio containing documentation of all earned contact hours (college transcripts, CEU certificates, contact hour certificates, etc.)  It is recommended that Ed Tech’s contact their certification representative at least 6 months prior to your expiration date to ensure they have the proper documentation. 


Ed Techs are also asked to keep an up-to-date log of classes (documentation to be provided) in their portfolio detailing the amount of hours completed over the course of each school year with the supporting certificates or logs. The school representative can assist with this process as well.  


Initial Education Technician Authorization

Prior to applying for a Maine evaluation or Maine authorization, you must have your fingerprints taken through a process approved by the Maine Department of Education.  Information on how to do this can be found on their website:


There is a one time fee of $55.00 for fingerprinting and a fee of $25 fee paid to the DOE to apply for the certification.

For information regarding the approved process for having fingerprints taken outside of Maine, please call the Certification Office for an out-of-state fingerprint packet. 


To Move Up a Level


  • To move from a Level I to a Level II you must have the minimum of 900 total clock hours.


  • To move from a Level II to a Level II you must have the minimum 1350 total clock hours.

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