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BEMS Reads!

During May and June 2018,  a group of staff decided to try the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge to see if it would encourage our students to read over the summer.  Students were to read and track their time in an online program.  Congratulations to all of our students who chose to participate and read each week, and especially to those who read over 1,000 minutes!  That means that these students read and logged over 100 minutes per week!  To celebrate this great effort, these students will be treated to a pizza party! 

Katlyn Allen   1075
Erin Bartram  1825
Grace Libby  3480
Kyia Miller  5940
Carter Sturmer  1350
Jacob Piche  1050
Olivia Strout  1135
Eli Levesque   1720
Ryleigh Turgeon  1437
Jayden Gray1085
Kayla Ouelette 1440
Patience Gaston 2405
Faith Milne 2331
Ryan Bowman  1170
Jade Westberry   7280 Minutes!!!!!