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Bonny Eagle Middle School Goals 2016-2017

Bonny Eagle Middle School

Goals 2016-2017


Bonny Eagle Middle School will communicate through the use of social media, website, electronic bulletin board, newsletters, group and individual meeting opportunities.


Board Goal: To continue the implementation of proficiency-based education as a progressive model of teaching and learning that has measurable outcomes.


  • Effective schools need a culture of collaboration and shared commitment as well as partnership with their communities to build a proficiency-based education system.
    • -  Refine assessments and reporting within the PBE system               
    • -  Create a system of teaching, assessing, and reporting on the Maine Guiding Principles                                       
    • -  Implement RTI                                       
    • -  Implement co-teaching          



Board Goal: To enhance ongoing communication between school board, administration, staff, students, parents, and community. (Student Attendance, Bullying, PBE Reporting, Student Achievement)


  • Student Attendance                               
    • -  Implementation of Advisor/Advisee Program                   
    • -  Increase staff contact/intervention with students               
    • -  Regular guidance/administration meetings                   
    • -  RTI teams meeting and document in IC                           
  • Bullying                               
    • -  Develop relationships through the strategies developed in Advisor/Advisee       
    • -  RAND grant providing professional development in restorative practice   
    • -  Guidance providing programing with a social-emotional curriculum                                               
  • PBE Reporting                                       
    • -  Reflect and refine on assessment reporting system               
    • -  Professional Learning Communities weekly meetings
    • -  Professional development time focused on cross-grade meetings         
    • -  Evaluate common assessment data                   
    • -  Review and revise system of teaching, assessing, and reporting on Guiding Principles                 
    • -  Review report card for student and parent understanding                                     
  • Student Achievement                               
    • -  Introduce a co-teaching model including special education and regular education math and language arts                       
    • -  RTI teams develop plans for students utilizing multiple data points, NWEA, SRI/SMI, class assessments                   
    • -  Develop student schedules to allow for RTI opportunities
    • -  Instructional Coach to assist teachers reflect on data that informs instruction