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    Mission of the Superintendent's Office:
    To coordinate, communicate, and support the requirements, goals, and mission of the school community.


    Maine School Administrative #6 is currently the largest SAD in the State of Maine and the third largest school system in our State.  We are located in the southern end of the State of Maine.  Our district serves the towns of Buxton, Hollis, Limington, Standish and Frye Island; representing portions of York and Cumberland counties.  Geographically, the District covers approximately 182 square miles.
    • There are approximately 4,000 students enrolled in the District.
    • The District operates the largest public sector bus fleet in Maine.
    • Our vehicles travel a total of 5,300 miles each day
    • There are 6 elementary schools, one middle school and one high school in our district.
    • The District has over 600 employees.

    Origin of the name "Bonny Eagle"

    A popular myth traces the name "Bonny Eagle" to an event that allegedly occurred near the intersection of Routes 22 and 35. In that story, two gentlemen were walking towards each other on the road that is currently Route 35. As they approached the intersection of that road and Saco Road, a bird flew overhead. One of the two gentlemen, who was of Scottish descent, looked into the sky and remarked to the other, "My, sir, isn't that a bonny eagle!" ("Bonny" being a Scottish word meaning "good" or "beautiful").

    In reality, such an event never occurred. The name "Bonny Eagle" does refer to village consisting of a small settlement of homes and a gristmill at that same crossroads back in the late eighteenth century. A map dating from 1795 refers to the village as "Bonnamaneglin" and one eleven years later identifies a place called "Bonnemanheglon".1 Each word references English settlers' attempts to spell a native American word that means "swampy place". (Given the fact that the area surrounding the current Bonny Eagle place is a protected wetland, the descriptive term selected by the original native dwellers is certainly appropriate!) Over time the place name was Anglicized to its current form -- Bonny Eagle.

    When MSAD #6 consolidated the high schools serving the four communities of Buxton, Hollis, Limington, and Standish in 1961, the name of the small village located on the Buxton/Standish town line was selected as the name of the district's new secondary school. Given both the folklore behind the name "Bonny Eagle" and the Scottish term inherent in the phrase, it was appropriate that the Scotsman be the school's mascot.

    ~Martin Jewett and Olive Hannaford, A History of Hollis, Maine: 1660-1776, p. 8.


    Board Meetings

    Fourteen members comprise the Board of Directors - four (4) from Buxton, one (1) from Frye Island, two (2) from Hollis, two (2) from Liminigton and five (5) from Standish.  The Directors hold two regularly scheduled meetings per month on the first and third Mondays at 7:30 p.m.  Additional meetings are advertised in advance by local newspapers.

    Board Minutes and Agendas may be viewed on-line.


    The Superintendent's Office may be contacted by mail at:

    MSAD #6
    94 Main St.
    Buxton, ME 04093