BEMS Extra Curricular Activities



    We will work on creative writing. If a student likes stories, we'll work on stories, if poetry or lyrics interest someone, we'll work on that. 

    If interested, please email Mr. Pease at or sign up at his classroom, room 36.


    The Bonny Eagle Swim Club is a non-competitive swim program offered to students in 6th thru 8th grade. This seven-week program consists of 21 one-hour swim sessions and runs from February until April. All swim sessions are held at the St. Joseph’s College pool in Standish. Students are bused to the pool after school on the regular bus that travels to Whites Bridge Road. Swimmers must provide their own transportation home after each session.




    Improv Club is a club for any student who wants to have fun and learn about drama through improvisational theatre games.  No experience needed.  There will be 5 meetings in January.  For more information see Ms. Schaper.  


    Garden club is where it's at if you enjoy gardening and cooking. Students plant a variety of vegetables throughout the year in the BEMS greenhouse, then work to harvest those vegetables though out the year to make our very own food. If your curious about learning to garden or cook, this is a great club for you! Meetings typically begin in late September and run though the school year.

    Advisors are Mr. Christensen and Mr. Avery. 


    If you like dancing and enjoy working with others to choreograph and learn new routines then dance club is for you. Anyone is welcome to come whether you have dance experience or not. Please listen to announcements on when we will be starting. When we meet it will be in the cafeteria after 2nd wave is called.

    Please contact Ms. Andreasen or Ms. Adams if you have questions.


    Pathfinders Program Overview - Pathfinders is an outdoor adventure program.

    Groups of students are carefully selected for participation in Pathfinders by teachers, guidance counselors, and school administrators. Students are selected for a number of reasons which may include leadership abilities, a need for academic support, socialization skills, a positive school connection, a love for the outdoors, and/or behavioral performance. These students join a group of experienced teachers from our school to begin training after regular school hours. Their parents attend a meeting to understand our program goals and foster a greater home/school connection. Training may include adventure activities such as ropes course challenges, winter camping, white-water canoeing, or mountain climbing. This training continues for 8 – 10 weeks, depending on the group goals. All program students must carefully follow our Pathfinder goals and expectations in order to continue as members of the program. Academic grades, school attendance, and all other Pathfinder goals are monitored weekly. The 7th and 8th graders who successfully accomplish all goals and expectations can then participate in a five-day expedition into Maine’s beautiful wilderness. Our 6th grade program is similar with 2-3 daytime excursions.  BEMS currently offers six programs to on-average fifteen students per program. It is the long- term goal of Pathfinders to offer outdoor adventure opportunities to all students at BEMS.    "Get Outside!"

    Please contact Ethel Atkinson, Pathfinders Program Director, with any questions.





    Have you ever played chess? Join to learn the ultimate game of strategy and skill!

    • Learn openings to help you set yourself up for a better game
    • Learn strategies to help you make better moves
    • Learn techniques to close out games
    • Learn chess etiquette and notation



    The yearbook club is a year-long club that produces the BEMS yearbook. Wholly organized, designed, and decorated by students, the club meets biweekly to organize pages, take and collate photos, design advertisements, and plan sales. The club advisor works as editor and organizer, with club members as the photographers, designers, and editors. Due to high demand, students apply in early September and become club members by the end of the month.

    Contact Andrew DeMaris in Room 83 or via email at with questions.

    Yearbook club is currently full, and is not taking any more members for this academic year.


    The Newspaper Club is a year-long club that produces the BEMS newspaper and news website. Designed with student engagement in mind, the club meets once or more per month to teach editing skills, article design, layout, and collaborative skills. The club advisor works as editor-in-chief, with club members as editors when they have shown the skills necessary. Students write articles about school activities, sporting events, community news, state news, and world news, and after proper editing and approval post them on the news site. Contributions from other students and staff are encouraged and facilitated by club members. Students learn to interact professionally, proofread and edit, develop arguments and clear written communication skills, and publish written and video articles appropriately online.
    If you would like to apply to join, write up an article or draw a cartoon and submit it to Mr. DeMaris at or in Room 83, upstairs above the office. You can also contact him with any questions you may have!

    T We typically meet the first Tuesday of each month and have follow-up meetings when necessary to discuss school events. To sign up students simply need to contact an advisor and attend meetings on a regular basis.  We have done events in the past that include raising funds for community groups, animal shelters and school events. Student council members are leaders in their clans and will often be asked to help with various activities in BEMS such as hat day and spirit week. We have also gone on field trips to the Center for Grieving Children to volunteer and to UROCK marketing to attend a "dream board" workshop.


    GAME CLUB with Joe Bishop

    We meet every Tuesday to play video or board games. The students come to socialize and have fun playing games. The goal is to meet and make new friends between the grade levels.


    To all the young Einsteins in Bonny Eagle Middle School, come join the Math Team. To become a member ye must be a worthy opponent who seeks to master the art of Mathematics. Young mathletes will join forces against others of their age from the farthest parts of Maine to compete for the trophy of knowledge.

    Join our quest and lead this school to victory.



    The Middle School Lego Robotics Team is made of sixth, seventh and eighth grade students. They participate in the First Lego League. There are three major parts to the lego team; the table robot challenge, the project, and learning to work as a team. The team will work together to solve a robot challenge that uses EV3 robots and legos. Team members must also come up with an innovative solution to a real world problem. There will be a regional competition to attend in November. If all goes well at the regional competition in South Portland we will be invited in December to the state competition in Augusta.



    Community Service Club meets depending on the project at hand. Meeting dates are posted on the announcements. The projects we are working on this year are: collecting thanksgiving food for our families in need, hosting a dance with the proceeds to benefit the BEMS giving tree, shopping for gifts for the families on our giving tree, making valentines for veterans, collecting toiletries for the homeless shelter, visiting the homeless shelter, visiting a local nursing home to sit and chat with the residents, random acts of kindness for the school and many more community service activities. 

    All students are welcome at any time, however, attendance is required in order to attend field trips. To sign up, just attend a meeting! 

    Any questions, please contact Mrs. Aiken in the Principal's Office.